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Our Heart

Kadence Ciara Rodriguez

April 29, 2005 - February 24, 2023


In loving memory of my dear daughter Kadence Ciara Rodriguez:

Words cannot capture the depth of sorrow that fills our hearts as we bid farewell to a soul so cherished. Kadence, you were not just a daughter, but a beacon of light in our lives, extinguished too soon by the darkness of addiction.

Your journey was marked by resilience and strength, a testament to your unwavering spirit. As a student, you excelled, your intellect shining brightly in every endeavor you pursued. But beyond your academic achievements, it was your warmth and kindness that left an indelible mark on all who knew you.

Your laughter was infectious, your love boundless. You embraced life with a fervor that inspired those around you. Whether it was your contagious humor or your compassionate heart, you had a way of making everyone feel valued and loved.

Family was the cornerstone of your existence. Your devotion knew no bounds, and the love you showered upon us was a gift beyond measure. In your presence, we found solace and joy, and in your absence, we find an ache that cannot be soothed.

Yet, amidst the brightness of your spirit, there existed a shadow—a battle waged silently within the recesses of your mind. Mental health struggles weighed heavily upon you, casting a pall over the brilliance of your being. Though you fought valiantly, the demons proved too formidable, leading you down a path fraught with pain and sorrow.

But even in your darkest moments, you never lost sight of the beauty that surrounded you. Your love for life was boundless, your optimism unwavering. It is this enduring spirit that we choose to remember—a daughter, a sister, a friend, whose light will forever illuminate our hearts.

Though you may have departed from this world, your memory will endure, a beacon of hope in the midst of despair. We will carry you with us always, honoring your legacy through acts of love and kindness.

Rest now, dear Kadence, in the gentle embrace of eternity. May you find peace in the arms of angels, your spirit unburdened by the trials of mortal existence.

Forever and always, you will be loved.

With all our love,

I felt like no one cared until i met the ladies, I was just out in the world, in and out of rehab and going back to drugs. I feel like finally someone gets me and listens to me judgement free. I am working hard and rebuilding my relationship with my mom, but I love talking to Miss Neek more.


Listening to Miss. Christina tell us the story about her daughter was really eye opening for me. I have been struggling and still am but I believe I can do better and stay clean because I know I am hurting my family and I do not want them to live with out me. I now have a bigger support system from the ladies of DSOW and I am thankful for them everyday.

-S 2024

My new Best friends are the Ladies of DSOW. THANK YOU for your support and helping with my struggle.

-E 2023

I was really struggling after the death of my Mom. My addiction and mental stability deteriorated. I relapsed and was spiraling out of control. I have been in and out of rehab and I just was doing the program, one day the ladies of DSOW came to visit us, listening to them talk and made me feel like i was not alone and they actually came back to check on me. I may have lost my mother but i gained a few aunties now.  

-R 2023

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