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Different Shades of Women is an organization that provides resources to young women struggling with various addictions. We aim to empower young women in the community by mentoring, cultiivating a positive atmosphere and providing them with the tools that are needed to overcome obstacles as a result of addiction related trauma. Our focus is  to provide a safe space for young girls who are struggling with addiction and all its complexities including mental health, the journey to sobriety and the support needed to maintain sobriety. At DIFFERENT SHADES OF WOMEN, we understand that addiction is a life-long journey of highs, lows and emotionally challenging moments. Our goal is to provide comfort, stabilty and most importantly support. 


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We would like to thank everyone for their love and support. Every donations is going towards making a difference in a struggles youth's life and helping rewrite their ending.

-Different Shades of Women


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Different Shades of Women

626 Wilshire Blvd Ste 410

Los Angeles, CA 90017

Office Phone: 323-400-0272

Office Fax: 323-925-7023

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